AIMSweb is a comprehensive business & accounting solution designed to support the entire range of reinsurance contracts and activities for all lines of business.

Our Reinsurance System enables insurers to handle all reinsurance activities on a single platform with full financial control and auditing support.


Treaty, Facultative, Coinsurance, Retrocession, Retention and Retention-without-Risk.

Inward, Outward, proportional, Non-proportional, Accumulations and Ladders Progression.

Risk Profiles, Bordereaux, Unexpired-Premium-Reserves, Multi-Risk-Basis, Top-Risk-Basis, Probable-Maximum-Loss Basis.

Fully-Automated Treaty, Adjustment, Net-Profile, Portfolio-Transfer and Technical-Reserves Statements

Auto-Generation of Quotation into Policy.

The AIMSweb Suite

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