AIMSweb Medical system is a comprehensive solution for Health Insurance companies covering the entire business cycle from registration, underwriting. System comes with an exhaustive facility of linking various medical programs and service providers, with individual pricing details for each provider.

System is flexible enough to capture ICD 9/10 codes with options of capturing treatment guidelines and integrating the same in the insurance contracts. An efficient and detailed reconciliation procedure enables the users to handle billing cycle and settle the payments.

AIMSweb Medical supports claim management with complete integration to the financial module and it supports Group &Individual Business Lines.


Provider-Network Management.

International Medical Standards for procedures and Diagnoses (ICD9 or 10).

Multi-Price-Lists, Underwriting, Multi-Cover-Policy/Sub-Limits/Deductibles.


Policy, Endorsement and Renewal Managers.

Premium Installments, Settlements and Outstanding.


Claims Paid, Patients-Recoveries and Claims Outstanding and Approvals.

On-line Claims Validate, Direct and Reimbursement Processing.

Auto-Link with Reinsurance & Finance.

The AIMSweb Suite

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