AIMSweb Portal enable users to access the main core insurance system with no limitation to office hours or geographical places. Can access the system any time any where to get the required data as well as adding data with a bi-directional electronic data flow the main core system.

To ease the administration of the system, and to give flexibility to users, functions in AIMSweb Portal module were grouped into segments or working areas, as well as, users were categorized to give more control on the system.


Request for Quotation, Endorsement.

Submit /Search/Edit a Policy and Claim.

Upload Medical Members/beneficiaries.

Submit a Claim/Pre-authorization.

Submit a feedback on a Claim.

Submit FAC-Quotation on FAC-Acceptance.

View cheque status and Statement of Accounts.

View my statement of account.

Submit Quote for Facultative Placement.

View Reinsurer-Statement-Of-Account/Management Statistics.

Vacation Application for staff.

Accessed via internet/intranet, leased, Frame-Relays, V-Sat).

Secure via SSL and Encryption.

The AIMSweb Suite

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