AIMS Payroll is an advanced solution, since it covers all administrative needs of the company. However, it’s parameterized to simplify the use and to adapt business changes.

In each mentioned working area, reports are available to give the user a comprehensive vision on data been defined or processed. Also, reports can give results for statistical and analytical purposes, in addition to coordinating with social security and income tax departments.

Each report enjoys multiple parameters to give optimum flexibility to user to control the output.


Personnel: This is to handle informative and administrative information of employees as the Personal Info, dependents, vacations and leaves, memos, cv’s, training and experience, tickets and travels.

Payroll: This is a vital part of AIMS HR system, by which calculations of monthly salaries can be controlled as salaries, overtime, resignations.

Time and Attendance: This part is usually used daily to view the attendance of employees, leaving to break, attendance after break and leaving.

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