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TechnoSys Group Launch the New release BroMIS (Insurance Brokerage System) during it's participation in the Middle East Insurance Forum
3 February, 2014


TechnoSys Group has participated as an Associate Partner in the 10th Anniversary special edition of the Middle East Insurance Forum (MEIF 2014) which has been the most important gathering ever in its 10 year history. The forum included a number of new features and innovative sessions examined the significant achievements of the industry over the past decade and provided an opportune platform for major discussions on transforming the industry to achieve further success and growth.


On this occasion TechnoSys Group has announced the launch of the new version of the Information Management System for Insurance Brokers (BroMIS-Brokerage Management Information System) to strengthen the role of brokerage firms and allows these companies to manage business processes day after day, with maximum productivity.


From his side,  Mr. Othman Bazian / The Managing Director added, that the brokerage firms need intelligent systems for the development of business to exceed the expectations of customer service. And this is provided by the system BroMIS which is rich with functions developed to raise the level of services offered by the brokerage firms in the field of insurance and re-insurance. Such as the full automation of all operations that will let them focus on their core business of selling insurance, the different printings, financial management, CRM, and all the work within an integrated environment in both Arabic and English languages within the online environment.


Mr. Ibrahim Qasmieh / The Executive Director announced, that the group also has launched the new website in line with the future vision of the group, and the commitment to keep its customers fully informed on the new releases and all business activities carried out. The visitors has been encouraged to explore the systems provided and connect with the group through the social media networks within the site


About TechnoSys:

TechnoSys Group is a regional IT company established since 1989, and has exclusive focus on insurance automation. TechnoSys Group designed and developed Advanced Insurance Management Suite (AIMSweb) using internet and mobile technologies adapted by Oracle & Java latest technologies.

AIMSweb represents more than 300 man-year cumulative insurance experiences, and runs successfully at well-known insurance references in 12 countries of MENA markets. AIMSweb is used by more than 3000 insurance experts daily in the fields of General, Medical, Life, Reinsurance and others, all in integrated Arabic/Latin web environment. AIMSweb market share is dominant in many countries like Saudi, Qatar, Jordan, Palestine, and many others.



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