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TechnoSys Group celebrates obtaining the international certification CMMI Level 3 in a big ceremony
31 January, 2012


On behalf of  His Excellency the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Engineer Basem Rousan has attended a ceremony held by TechnoSys Group on the occasion of their access to the  international certificate CMMI Level 3, which was held in one of the major hotels in Amman.


The ceremony was launched by the Managing Director of the group, Mr. Othman Bazian, who talked about the beginnings of the company in the eighties, and how they have evolved and grown the vision of the founders of the company to this level of stability.


Mr. Bazian added; that the company has specialized since its inception in 1989 exclusively in automating the insurance sector, and succeeded in developing advanced insurance management system based on web technology (AIMSweb), and has been applied the system successfully in more than 11 countries. The group currently occupies a marketing share more than half of the insurance market in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Palestine, in addition to its other customers in eleven countries in the Middle East and Africa.


And explained the importance of awarding company this international certificate CMMI Level 3 and which will entitles the company to export computer software to European and American markets.


For his side, the Executive Director, Mr. Ibrahim Qasmieh, that due the continued support by His Majesty King Abdullah II for the information technology sector, and the development of strategic plans by the Ministry of Communications &Information Technology and [email protected] Association, all this led to raise the level of the IT sector to become more than 14% of the Jordanian national income.


Mr. Qasmieh added; that in spite of the global financial crisis and the economic slowdown, TechnoSys Group has maintained in a firm growth, and increased its market share in 11 countries, and this has led to the need for a global basis standards to raise, the efficiency of the staff of the company, improve the product quality, raise the level of services provided, and win customer satisfaction. That’s why TechnoSys has Chosen to adapt the foundations of the CMMI Level 3 was obtained within 12 months.  The European Union has contributed in the financing this project in coordination with the Economic Enterprise Development Corporation of Jordan and [email protected] Association.


Mr. Qasmieh also pointed to the future plans of the company, in holding another conference comprising all customers from all countries, and the opening of regional headquarters for the company, opening an Academy for training the applied curricula of the insurance, in addition to the company's participation in launching  a  paid practical training in collaboration with universities to train graduates, which alleviate unemployment and opens the prospects of working for the Jordanian and Arab cadres in the insurance sector.

At the end of the ceremony the company congratulated the team on this outstanding achievement, and took photos with the sponsor of the event.


About TechnoSys:

TechnoSys Group is a regional IT company established since 1989, and has exclusive focus on insurance automation. TechnoSys Group designed and developed Advanced Insurance Management Suite (AIMSweb) using internet and mobile technologies adapted by Oracle & Java latest technologies.

AIMSweb represents more than 300 man-year cumulative insurance experiences, and runs successfully at well-known insurance references in 12 countries of MENA markets. AIMSweb is used by more than 3000 insurance experts daily in the fields of General, Medical, Life, Reinsurance and others, all in integrated Arabic/Latin web environment. AIMSweb market share is dominant in many countries like Saudi, Qatar, Jordan, Palestine, and many others.





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