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TechnoSys Group Apply the latest U.S. & International Standards in the field of the E-health Sector during San Francisco Meetings
1 October, 2012


The Managing Director of TechnoSys Group, Mr. Othman Bazian, declared that the group aims to apply the latest U.S. and the international standards in the field of the E-health sector and export TSYS products to the U.S. market.


In collaboration with the U.S. Agency for Trade and Development (USTDA), coordinated by the Information Technology Association (INTAJ), and with the participation of representatives from the Jordanian initiative for the development of the E-health sector, recently meetings were held in San Francisco in the United State, attended by the most leading technology companies in the U.S. that are interested in the field of electronic services for the health sector such as (Cisco), (Oracle), (HP) and others. From the Jordanian side, the attendance has included the major companies who are interested in developing the health sector in Jordan from all domains.


TSYS Group represented by its Executive Engineer Ibrahim Qasmieh, has participated in these meetings, in the atmosphere of open discussion between the Jordanian information technology sector, and representatives of U.S. companies to display the ways of cooperation between the two parties.

Mr. Qasmieh declared that: "The goal of the meetings was to exchange the experiences in this field, and discuss the ways to develop the E-health sector in Jordan during the coming period by providing electronic and code developed solutions, to cope with the latest technologies used globally in this field. And since the Jordanian technology companies are leaders in providing electronic solutions to all the neighboring countries in the region, where Jordan is considered as the region gate to harmonize the work for electronic solutions to suit the Arab and regional communities adjacent to the Jordan. "


Mr. Qasmieh added that the discussions had resulted in the presence of great opportunities between the two parties to invest in the provision of electronic services for the development of the health sector in the region. And the latest standards Was identified, which are used in the U.S. market to provide a common and easy electronic solutions that serves all the concerned in the health field starting with the patient, through the service providers such as hospitals, health insurance companies, and others, ending with the government regulators.


From his side, the Managing Director of the group, Othman Bazian, has declared that the selection of our company by the U.S. Agency for Trade and Development as a member of the delegation, returns to the market share of our company in the region, as well as to the company's strategic Marketing plans that is related to open new markets in front of the software products which the company provide.  

Where the developed system by the group, AIMSweb, use’s the latest global program technologies, Includes special programs for the management of insurance (all kinds) and especially the "health insurance and serves both its underwriting and claims, in addition to the automated link with reinsurance and financial within an integrated environment. Also serves all parties of the health insurance process from the insurance company to the patient, the medical provider and the health claims management companies (TPA).


And Mr. Bazian has added, that the opportunity is promising for exporting the Jordanian software products to the U.S. market, after the proven success of (AIMSweb) system which was developed by the company, parallel to the company's success in penetrating the Arab and African markets, beside recently becoming a CMMI certified which helped to access the global markets after the regional ones. TechnoSys Group is considered from the few companies in the Arab world that winning certificate.


About TechnoSys:

TechnoSys Group is a regional IT company established since 1989, and has exclusive focus on insurance automation. TechnoSys Group designed and developed Advanced Insurance Management Suite (AIMSweb) using internet and mobile technologies adapted by Oracle & Java latest technologies.

AIMSweb represents more than 300 man-year cumulative insurance experiences, and runs successfully at well-known insurance references in 12 countries of MENA markets. AIMSweb is used by more than 3000 insurance experts daily in the fields of General, Medical, Life, Reinsurance and others, all in integrated Arabic/Latin web environment. AIMSweb market share is dominant in many countries like Saudi, Qatar, Jordan, Palestine, and many others.

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