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Our Clients
JORDAN: 75% of the Market Share
Jordan French Insurance Co. 1989
Middle East Insurance Co. 1989
Arab Union International Insurance Co. 1992
Jordan Insurance Co. 1996
Jordan International Insurance Co. 1996
National Ahlia Insurance Co. 1996
Arab Jordanian Insurance Group 1997
Philadelphia Insurance Co. 1997
Al Barakah Takaful Insurance Co. 1997
Gerasa Insurance Co 1998
Jordan Emirates Insurance P.S.C 2000
Euro-Arab Insurance Co. 2002
Delta Insurance Co. 2004
Manara  Insurance Co. 2006
First Insurance Co 2008
Palestine: 75% of the Market Share
Al-Mashriq Insurance Co. 1996
Palestine Insurance Co. 1996
National Insurance Co. 1999
Arab Establishment for Insurance 2000
Takaful Palestine Co. 2008
Global United Insurance Co. 2010
Motors Accidents Causalities Fund  
KSA: 45% of the Market Share
Hemaya Cooperative Insurance Co.(Abdul LatifJameel) 2004
Trade Union Insurance 2007
Arabian Shield Insurance 2007
AL Rajhi Company for Cooperative Insurance Co 2007
AL Ahlia Company for Cooperative Insurance Co 2007
Arabian Malaysian Takaful Company 2007
Gulf General Insurance Co. 2009
Weqaya Insurance Company 2010
Al Sagr Cooperative Insurance Company 2010
Arabia Cooperative Insurance Company 2011
Gulf Union Insurance Company 2012
ACE Insurance Company 2012
National Medical Services  
Qatar: 45% of the Market Share
AL- Khaleej Insurance Co. 1998
Doha Insurance Co. 2001
Takaful Islamic Insurance Co. 2002
Al Koot Insurance 2006
UAE: 10% of the Market Share
Al Khazna Insurance Co. 2000
Jordan Insurance Co 2005
Al Buhaira National Insurance 2008
Takaful Emirates Co. 2008
Middle East & Africa
Gulf Takaful Insurance Co Kuwait 2005
Guaranty Trust Assurance Nigeria 2004
National Insurance Co. Syria 2006
Trade Union Bahrain 2006
Islamic Insurance Sudan 2006
CAC Insurance Co. Yemen 2011

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