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HiQSys Saudi launch AIMSweb insurance system version 8.0 while Sponsoring the Second Saudi Insurance Summit
29 October, 2007


'During the Second Saudi insurance Summit; HiQSys Saudi, a subsidiary of TechnoSys Group, sponsors the event supporting its distinguished success in Saudi insurance Market' said Mr. Othman Bazian, TechnoSys Group Managing Director.


Mr. Bazian added "HiQSys Saudi sponsorship is to show commitment to the evolving Saudi insurance market by incorporating latest technologies of insurance automation in its suite of products named AIMSweb, and by enhancing services." He added "We are reinforcing our presence in the region by eminently establishing another subsidiary in Emirates called (HiQSys Emirates)."


Mr. Ibrahim Qasmieh, TechnoSys Executive Director, elaborated that "sponsoring of summit is to prove that TechnoSys Group and HiQSys Saudi are capable of competing with international IT companies but understanding the local peculiarities of Saudi Arabia and our region."  He added that TechnoSys Group decided to establish a subsidiary company called HiQSys Saudi in order to grant better local-service-options to current and prospective Saudi insurance customers.


Mr. Qasmieh added that HiQSys Saudi currently enjoys highest market share of Saudi insurance market. This is in addition to major market shares in Jordan, Palestine, Qatar and good insurance references in other 10 countries, as well.


Mr. Qasmieh said "HiQSys Saudi shall launch AIMSweb version 8.0 during the summit; the new version includes flexible tools to design and generate periodical-regulatory-reports required by SAMA and CCHI. He added "the new version encompasses enhanced-user-friendliness for users, while administrators can now setup advanced-business-rules using Rule-Engine. Moreover, administrators can design insurance-process-workflows to enhance customer-service and to perform effective office-collaboration thru MS Outlook®. New version of AIMSweb is integrated with full-fledged Document Management System (DMS). AIMSweb includes as well enhanced functionalities in Policy-Product-Designer, Online-Profit-Viewer, Correspondence-Generator, Reminder-Manager, and Decision-Support-System.


Mr. Bazian said "we are proud to announce that AIMSweb version 8.0 is standardized on full integration with Oracle-Financials e-business suite version 11i in real-time online mode of operation capitalizing on advanced feature that Oracle provides its customers." He added, we are enriching our insurance customer's choice by either adopting AIMSweb-financials or standardizing on Oracle-Financials."


Mr. Bazian explained that HiQSys Saudi already gained the trust from recently-registered Saudi insurance companies overcoming the competition from Jordan, India and Canada. This success was proved by conducting workshops at premises of prospective Saudi customers during evaluations prior to purchase of AIMSweb. Outcomes were impressive in AIMSweb and HiQSys Saudi team-expertise compared to competitors.


He added "to capitalize on current cumulated insurance-knowledge-management that TechnoSys enjoys, TechnoSys is currently conducting unique courses in insurance principles, in Arabic and English, and mapping such principles with AIMSweb as a software application."


About TechnoSys:

TechnoSys Group is a regional IT company established since 1989, and has exclusive focus on insurance automation. TechnoSys Group designed and developed Advanced Insurance Management Suite (AIMSweb) using internet and mobile technologies adapted by Oracle & Java latest technologies.

AIMSweb represents more than 300 man-year cumulative insurance experiences, and runs successfully at well-known insurance references in 12 countries of MENA markets. AIMSweb is used by more than 3000 insurance experts daily in the fields of General, Medical, Life, Reinsurance and others, all in integrated Arabic/Latin web environment. AIMSweb market share is dominant in many countries like Saudi, Qatar, Jordan, Palestine, and many others.



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